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Patrice Bélanger graduated as a Massage Therapist in 1994, subsequently as Masso-Kinesist in 1995, as a Naturopath in 1997 and as an Osteopath in 1999. From 1995 to 1999,  he will add 7 university courses in health biology and biochemistry. From 2004 to 2009 , he attended ongoing training courses at the Academy of Osteopathy of Montreal . Since 2009, he has taken additional courses at the Modern School of Osteopathy. From 2013 to 2015, he completed a thesis on the impact of an osteopathic session on the FEV1 of an asthmatic. This thesis have been produced in partnership with Adel Raki, DO under the direction of Dr Didier Bloch, MD, DO. For 2018, he attended ongoing training courses at the Academie Sutherland d’Osteopathie du Québec. From october 2016 until december 2018, he was the President (now as a member council administration since december 2018) of the Coalition pour la Promotion de l’Ostéopathie au Canada ( He is working for the recognition of the osteopathy by the Quebec gouvernement.

He performed over 40 000 osteopathic sessions in career (september 2019). As of 1997, he has an association that lasts for 5 years with an important sports chiropractic clinic that has been established in Laval for over 40 years.. His practical base will be shaped by nutritional interventions , exercise plans and osteopathic session on thousands of customers. From 1998 to 2002 he was assistant and from 2002 to 2009, he will be responsible for sports osteopathy on the professional golf circuit in Quebec and Canada ( Quebec territory ) . He is back since the 2015 season on the professional golf circuit as an official osteopath and more specifically since 2017-2018-2019 the Mackenzie PGA Tour Canada (a division of the prestigious PGA Tour). From 2004 to 2013,  he worked at the Evolution Physio, physiotherapy clinic in Blainville . Since 2002 he has joined the team of Tennis 13 Fitness, in Laval where he actively practices sports osteopathy. Over the years he has developed a vast network of professionals that allows him to work and keep at the forefront of scientific research in the medical orthopedic, osteopathic, physiotherapy and chiropractic communities.

With 9 famly members who served in the military, he is a Canadian Armed Forces Marine Soldier Veteran 1990-91. He received the basic training with the Royal 22e Regiment <The Vandoos> and he was ready to be deployed for the Persian Gulf War just before the March 1991 ceasefire.  In addition, his education from an early age is based on a natural healthy nutrition, and advanced sports ( sports studies , hockey , football, baseball) .

* If you require a test and / or a medical diagnosis, please consult a doctor. Medical monitoring is always recommended.


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