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Golfer’s health.

la-sante-du-golfeur  Golfer's health

Golfer’s health

Golf is a sport that requires concentration and especially accuracy. Hours of practicing at the driving range and each round of golf require repetitive movements that, over time,  tire the muscles and / or tendons and / or ligaments and / or joints.

Some injuries may occur at the beginning of the season ( by a lack of pre-season preparation) , they can also occur in mid- season and at the end of the season (brought on by a fatigue of your muscles and / or tendons and / or your ligaments and / or joints ) . Many golfers will avoid these types of injuries by managing their musculoskeletal system based on an annual plan.

There are several ways to maintain your musculoskeletal system . There is a physical procedure adapted to the individual needs for each type of golfer.. There is a plan for the casual golfer , for the average golfer and the advanced golfer. The important thing is to have fun while maintaining the body’s wellbeing.


Here is an example of an annual plan for the average golfer :

  •  February-March : physical fitness and practicing the golf swing at home 2 or 3 times a week. Osteopathic session if needed
  • April to October : playing golf. Physical fitness at home or at the gym 2 or 3 times a week. Osteopathic session if needed.
  •  November to January : rest from golf. Osteopathic session if needed.


A follow up with your golf professional is always recommended. There are other types of injuries occurring in golf that can also be indicated by osteopathy.


*  If you require a test and / or a medical diagnosis , please consult a doctor. Medical monitoring is always recommended .

Patrice Bélanger, DO
Ostéopathe sportif et familial Ostéopathe officiel du golf professionnel pour 17 saisons.


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