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First visit.

First visit :The following techniques can be used for all types of problems that can be treated by osteopathy ( always depending on the case ) .  Osteopathy techniques (cranial, articular, fasciatherapy , visceral ) Nutrition Strength training Postural correction at work , at home , at night, during sports, etc. . Specific and / or general exercises Change of habits Monitoring and improving the guidelines to follow at home or for a specific sport at each session References for medical treatment,  physiotherapy, massage therapy , psychology  Techniques used  (Available at any time for information by telephone)  *  If you require a test and / or a medical diagnosis , please consult a doctor. Medical monitoring is always recommended. Each case is different. A osteopathic plan is suggested following the first visit. For example , it may consist of  6 to 10 sessions over a period ranging from 8 to 20 weeks. Each plan is different depending on the case . Everyone can have access to the sports osteopathy .  Patrice Bélanger, DO, sports osteopath: “A person usually chooses a consultation according to their needs. A chiropractor for manipulation, a dietitian for a diet plan , a massage therapist for a massage. I try to provide the right consultation depending on the problem . If the client needs nutritional advice , I give it . If the client needs information on exercises or on how to improve his performance , I provide the information . If he needs to learn how to correct an imbalance of a shoulder, I teach him. I attempt to give the right indication depending on the problem and not tying the client in on a predefined session plan in advance.”  * If you require a test and / or a medical diagnosis , please consult a doctor. Medical monitoring is always recommended .  Exception :For those who wish to receive 2 or 3 consultations and then return as needed, it is possible to adapt to this kind of situation. These are often people who have consulted various types of therapists,  such as chiropractors, physiotherapists , massage therapists, doctors, naturopaths , etc. for years. These people know their state of health and consult when they feel the need . There are clients who consult about 2-3 times a year on a regular basis.

The evaluation and physical examination :

An evaluation is required to determine the state of health of the person and the reasons which led him to consult . During this evaluation, we look at all his medical history (diagnoses) , radiologist’s report , lifestyle , etc. . The person must complete a questionnaire and an interview. Thereafter , we conduct a physical examination by specific movements and palpation. The physical examination indicates the status of the situation and the evaluation identifies the theoretical cause of the situation. The results show us whether the person is fit to undergo an osteopathic session.

The consultation:

Following the evaluation and physical examination , the client receives his first consultation. From the first session , he receives explanations on the status of the situation and the first guidelines to perform at home to regain his wellbeing as quickly as possible ( exercises, nutrition, rest, ice , heat, etc. . ) .


The first visit takes on average 45 minutes.


*  If you require a test and / or a medical diagnosis , please consult a doctor. Medical monitoring is always recommended .

Patrice Bélanger, DO
Ostéopathe sportif et familial Ostéopathe officiel du golf professionnel pour 17 saisons.


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